dear night.

i was so busy prepare the peuhabe aceh 4,i have to double checking all of my things just make sure im not regret for leaving something behind. the first meeting which for committee only,held the meeting at OR..3January2010..8pm. and the best part is i walk alone none accompany me. like butt without pants i feel bit lost since robin n rijal take a short holiday as school teacher for another MMU program ( Desa Tercinta), khupix need private time with his xbox360,pepito n reza back to his planet ( did i mention sorong?no im not.actually im in love with raja ampat&boyfie). back to the meeting, everyone was came but nadia..she cant attend the meeting because she was on her way back to malacca and the bus wont run fast ( betul kan nadii???)

next day 9 am.thank god i already set my alarm at 8am,i was surprise had a cup of noodles and ipod in my hand.


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