business luncheon with KJRI


few days ago we had dinner with the new KJRI from Johor Bhahru, alhamdulillah the food was incredibly heaven taste heheheh . we also talk about the iss night event at MBMB Melaka, since the iss night wasnt like a indoor dinner special for international student so this is the first time iss night held at MBMB and its totally,there will be a bazaar, for sure there are many people will come there and we have to open the Indonesian booth. thank GOD ibu-ibu dharma wanita help us. they will open the Indonesian food booth at iss night.

there is something choked my throat when the head of dharma wanita spoke about something that really made me take a look at lya,amy,n robin..hahah we saw each other..what she spoke about?never mind..we keep it as secret.

in the next morning we will perform ( me,robin,n uda) to accompany their brunch time. so we already prepare 10 song which 4 from 10 song is me and robin song..i mean not both of us song but we already practice it in our video.Alhamdulillah our performance is "average". why i said average because limited time to practice. i have to study,eat,and sleep. you know the best part, i think we were special, we ate at restaurant of the hotel .buffet just like old times hahahhaa..i think we were special because just 4 of us ate there, the other ate upstairs.hahahahhahahaa.

ill upload the band picture later ya


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