its raining outside,i cant stop tweeting


me,dharmaputera,and zul will make a long distance video-ship,covering andra and the backbone greatest hits " sempurna ".its my pleasure can sing between 'em both. since robin flagging the white flag for the lead guitar,zul will sit on the lead guitar position.iam bery bery berryy XCTD.

today is the perfect day for snugging under my blanket,its cloudy and almost raining outside. this short sem will be great with the weather rhyme and umberella.finger cross for dean list this semester..amin! today ill be joining the peuhabe aceh 4 committee to climb the bukit beruang hill at 5pm.actually im not the one who climb the hill the car will be torture by the long way road to the top of the hill.

i made another vid with rob rudes.i call his name many times at this post, from dharma putera robin and the last one rob are such a great partner.


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