new soulmate

hello world,

i feel terrific today,i got new partner. slimmer,smaller,lighter,smarter than my lovely arri, since arri taken by goddamit robber i've lost something that always stand by me even no one on earth talk to me.
i still cant catch a name for this HP pavilion mini ..any idea guys?

so,today i add another fussy jerk into my revenge list,since you got a war flag from me, ill make you hanging a white above you door ( halah kaya lagunya dido aja).ha ha ha

oh ya,im proudly present kaskus regional malang logo (its been a while i want to display the picture,but i think today will be the right time based on moon and sun in a row). nah people,if you don't know or knowing a little about kaskus,you better join and gather with your regional friend and hobby.i guarantee you'll never regret it.

one week remaining before final exam,my body say "lets go to KL,shop,shop,stop till you drop" yes i will go to kl at may 9 because i held little reunion at dpirates with my highschool fellow but for shop,i need a rest!
my dream having fossil gem bag is like reaching pluto from jupiter.hiks

there will be a huge elementary school reunion at september,i hell no care come or not but meet my old folks makes me feels great and happily i will beatin up against my elementary school mate who ever mocking at me because they said i cannot play any music,im not good at traditional sport,i cant even dress like a girl,i dont have a good skin like girl as usual,i cant have a boyfriend because they scared at me,i will inveigh against them or i will laugh loudly at them.

i will go to beach (port dickson maybe,where else?) with my boyfriend,we have to make a deal and make some rule to straighten up our relationship, he busy with ro-and other games thing i busy with everything inside my head.


Anonymous said…
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