busy basi LO.

i just awarded!
from winche (makasih yaaa..muaah)

she has a homework for me
The Rules :
1. Each blogger must post this rules .
2. You need to choose ten people to be awarded and list their names .
3. Don't forget to leave them comment telling them they've been tagged and to read your blog .

i feedback this award for you winche.
and i have to find another 9 freund hehehe. selamat anda2 diatas dapet award sebagai
the power blog and i tagged you all in " bestfriend tagged"

nah..PR-nya adalah :
10 hal yg bikin aQ tersenyum hari ini............

1.BREATH,thank god!

2.i support "stop using plastic bags""stop global warming" and "save our oceans",iam using roxy,quiksilver,and FOS re-use bag (hahaha,i think all kind of bag is re-use except plastic bag)

3.innalillahiwainnailaihi rajiun,telah berpulang ke rahmatullah ibunda dari uddy hadyawan mahasiswa Multimedia University of Malaysia Cyberjaya tahun 2006,semoga keluarga di berikan ketabahan dan kesabaran.AMIN...I HAVE TO THINK ABOUT GRAVE and inside it,and i smile because today i remember that i have die someday.

4.i already shinny cleaned my messy room and the house,strongly hope the mouse dont even like clean house.i smile because i feel impassive.

5.the class is GOOD,thank god many times. all of the lesson in tutorial class of microeconomics was remind me about the high school economic lesson,thats all the same.

6.i tried my best (halah) to finish "tea emily's garden" game and still playing "insaniquarium" for uncountable time,then i smile because usually my brothers accompany and give the best advice to play,I MISS BOTH OF THEM

7.i call my mother in indonesia,she is 100 % in superhealth condition,i smile because she was so "ME"

8.im in love with my boyfriend for the (hahahha) forget.

9.proposal fot the charity and drama concert for HIV/AIDS was ACCEPT. and iam ready!

10.for all my mates : i am happy for you,finally love come. lets forget the past & face the future.

so,2 days ago indonesian MMU student from Cyberjaya held a futsal tournament. the only reason why i have/must/should there because my boyfriend want me to be there,saw him playing ball. shit happens,i just dont know what i have to do until tya called me and i take her from her dormitory to ALAMANDA-PUTRAJAYA. thank you so much for zul and jawa who accompany me pick tya in putra nilai. taman tasik is a nice place,kinda "permata jingga" or" club house" or "klub bunga" in malang,complete with any holiday thing you need, the futsal tournament was held there and i meet ANYONE!as far as i can see i found my old friend.

look up!my BF in futsal field

iam trying to refresh my brain,i go shopping and iam going insane buy a mango clothes. backsound: fergie ~shopping for labels shopping for love"hahahha

where are you had?


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