today is good

today is good.
i slept at 10 am this morning because i cant sleep.HEHE. diah helping me so much killing my time here,she is like droplets in the desert,she give me all of the Game House patch,i already play "sally salon II" and i will play it 'till i get bored. alhamdulillah the other "droplets in the desert" is coming,he is kupik,he came to jawa's house bring his "ultra star deluxe" game..kinda karaoke thing and its AWESOME and totally great.i sing more than 100 song last morning.
then jawa and kupik go to picked manda at KLIA,then my boyfriend still OK,then sleep,then i wake up then playing "sally salon II" again then jawa n kupik came back and bring "BAKSO" ohhh GOSSSHHHHHH i was so starved!!

today is good.really good


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