current life lesson :

1. super clear what's the difference between i-care-about-you and i-just-want-to-know type of people.
2. you can't be generous if you can't even afford toilet tissue
3. don't waste your money on i-just-want-to-know type above
4. don't runaway from everything. you will get caught when you stop and looking backward ( except you don't stop )
5. past are just "past", they will haunt you until you get rid of it by yourself
6. sometimes, when you have nothing people don't even want to say hello to you or maybe came to visit just to ask how was my allergic going?good?
7. when you lost your phones because you're so generous. you must be happy. nobody nor i-just-want-to-know or even the one you had your phone will ever connect with you. your bloody-ass SAVED !
8. i never think that pekanbaru, denpasar, or malang are just couple miles away from here. but look who i pick up at the airport right back when my life turning from banget to nggak-banget. bandung are just as close as we can see on your globe.
9. accept your condition ( but don't accept apologies from jk rowling for not writing another sequel of harry potter )
10. watch 2 broke girls season 1-3, you will learn how to use your BPJS card from caroline because you can't afford a real doctor. ( now i know why robin ask me to copy it from his laptop, he prepare me for my doomday )
11. take anything you can from your house. you dont need shelter but hell you need your old stuffs (as reminder how happy you were yesterday )
12. at the current level of broke. marry to rich-man isn't an option. nobody will marry poor girl.
13. use your connection
14. download bluestacks, you can open your social app on your PC.
15. now you possibly know why i never post something on my path. i lost my iPhone, Macbook, and my life.
16. losing weight are just as easy as telling me i will never get my money back. equal lost capt'
17. don't be naive. people are all rude. don't be an angel with no chance of being devil at the same time and hell yes never expect anything in return.
18. you will know how to be xena the warrior from debt collector.
19. friends with benefits, exes, he/she who taking advantages of you,debt collector, staffs that stabbed you, bypass-person,they don't go to attitude class.
20. run to your sister and ruin her life because she will be fine.
21. you will know when you to stop making to do list for people that don't even care about it.
22. everybody needs some lesson, like the one you called in urgent matter but they didn't pick up and you do the same thing. vice versa
23. stand on your own feet. world need less kardashian and more cat lovers. jangan manja
24. just because your life was on the ground ( below the subway ). you still have to enjoy it. dude you live ONCE
25. enjoy the gossip. it's like live entertainment. kebenaran hanya milik Allah dan supir angkot yang tiba-tiba belok karna mau turunin penumpang.
26. some people might have zero understanding about how important it is to separate your personal life, work life, where you live, and fuck my life ha ha ha
27. if club manager offer you a table ( or the whole club ), tell him you are literally waiting for your friends to show up. don't order.
28. still stick with your " NGGA BANGGA PAKE KW " motto?.you as well as accept ( KW ) Jack,jose, and baileys. because it's cheap and had the same effect from the original one
29. you wish to have this time slot machine and back at your university time? don't even think about it. you have no idea how hard it was to see your housemate playing dota/PES/Football Manager the whole day.
30. bye-bye heaven. you're sending me back to earth.
kamu,iya kamu semua yang selalu ada untuk saya. from my family, my childhood, school buddies, univ.mate, boyfriend with buddha's belly to rub my luck, work-fellas, lousy to do list agenda. bagaimanapun keadaan saya, di awan atau di perut bumi, dimanapun saya berada, seberat apapun masalah saya, betapa menjadi bodoh mengakhiri sesuatu dengan yaa..hal bodoh,seberapa jauh saya tinggal, bagaimanapun menyebalkannya saya ( dan diri kamu sendiri ), dan bagaimana doa-doa itu terus datang. kamu rock!!

ps : im allergic to :
1. my own sweats
2. my own clothes
3. food with too much protein
4. and bullshits

pps : i know that mark&spencer, marc jacobs, karl lagerfeld,anna sui, or body shop misses me. tell them i miss them too.

ppps : see you in new york. at the central park. its near my office. lunch eating junk food. my treat.


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