yang di panggil kembar 4

why kembar 4?
we were worked super hard shielding up our scout organization in highschool, we got very strong and different character, we manage to work together because we have the same vision and mission in organization. we work on different position in organization and what makes it better because we truly can find harmony inside our diversity (ceeileeeh bahasaku ).we fight each other a lot ( even i still bear a grudge until now ) and still we are a very good team,we manage the differences very well.

me more choleric-melancholy
nevi more choleric - sanguine
ayu more sanguine - melancholy
dyah more phlegmatic - melancholy

so here we are we keep our intimate relationship by whispering, spill some secrets, sweet reminiscence and circling boyfriend (LOL.this one i got zero comment).
nevi is currently struggling as young doctor and busy with her koas
dyah literally work as counseling teacher at highschool ( muhammadiyah something....in malang )
ayu is happy with herself being nurse at hospital
me?talking about me, i'm still in a fact find me inside me ( labil )

i'm hoping the best for you all.may success and happiness all around you.



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