share and care program by ISS

Doli asked me to help him arrange a share and care program by ISS MMU Melaka collaborate with International Student and Workforce Divisio Melaka Chief Minister Office.

i flashed into half dozen month where i met the sweetest smiles from pkpu meulaboh-aceh, i set teeth to repeating the happiness and purity here in, i made some game and bought some doorprize and gift for them.cica helped me this time,thank you cicaaa.

i sucked when it comes to make ketupat but i ask people to make it one.cica,aizad,kak emi,kak isma,and madam from the orphanage train every group to make ketupat.when you desperately have no idea how to make one,you can just simply took it from the other group or messing around with the ropes and make some joke in front of people.hahaha..
the program went well and food was delicious (its free though hahaha),here it is the best day of ramadhan 2010.

see you on the next program,


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