renew my passport

hello,it's me again
a very good friday to start our routine with renewing passport.i went to Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur ( i kind of miss that place ) to renew my passport with boyfie,robin,and jawa. and i also planned to gave some money to forever 21 counter today.

eventhough the service is unlikely,but the embassy manage the visa and passport service so well. last year,it took more than a day to make passport and visa and now all i need is 1 hour,more or less.

we photostat the old passport and you know what i hate after is passport photo session.mbak-mbaknya JUDES parah and the shittiest part was i'm halfway smiling,the camera flashed,and i cant even saw my expression.what if my passport picture isn't as cute as the old one?

i admit that i deliberately flirted with the man at visa counter JUST TO MAKE SURE I GOT COOL PASSPORT NUMBER and it was going super well.i asked him to choose the easy-to-memorized one and he was actually said "i let you choose,but i think this number fit beautiful girl like you"YES YES YES.thank you masnyoooo
finish with passport thingy we..well dont want to hear this because i was went shop and shop and shop.what you want to hear was robin and jawa went nuts,they bought what they won't and blame it on me because it was some kind of mad shopping in IKEA.guys please,those things was total useful, especially the green printed abstract number that was choosen by ME for robin's room.i always love what i cannot afford.HAHAHAHA..

we break the fast at sunway university college,there was buka bersama invitation there and i met some of my PPIM fellows there.I also congratulate eza as one of the G-DADARI member for winning the coolest show ever " cyber idol " beat the other contestant with their rhino-face.

this one is kind of rushing.


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