convo dinner 2010

31 July 2010
Marriot Hotel Putrajaya

dear pacific,
last two week was so damn awesome. convo dinner was awesome.

how can i not nervous :
2.i sung a song in front of tun mahathir,tun siti hasmah and all of VVVVVIP MMU backup dancer was way way sexier compare to me *thank you guys you were there
4.the song was "quite" kill my singing career
5.all of the performances flairly talented ( the dancers from MATA Club was professionally tremendous and the singer especially for the one who sing soprano just like the orchestra ..duuhh i feel like i have to learn much from her )
6.i got sore-throat 3 days before the show. my voice was so damn horrible and almost caught breathless
7.for the very first time i did think i'll failed to sing and disappointing people

but in the end after cursed and mocked my self out, that one song i sung was totally impressive. i think my voice is fine and audience applause was enough to made me happy.


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