doli ask me and robin to perform at ISS AGM. i thought there were just 2 or 3 performance for the night then i shocked when the rehearsal was a bit crowdy. diane asked me to help her sung 21 guns by Green Day, the reff part and the chip-it-in.

there were iranian guy with his violin,diane,the dj,and another accoustic performance besides me and robin.I always met them in every ISS program especially if there is any performance.

me and robin mash-up-ing 3 songs :

1. baby - Justin Bieber
2. I'm yours - Jason Mraz
3. hey soul sister - Train

we plan to add one more song for the mash-up which is Permata Dunia. but three of that song above is totally awesome.

goodluck for the new ISS Committee 2010/2011, i hope you doing great and make sure ISS can manage ISS night as the greatest night for International Student in MMU Melaka.

see you on next performance!!


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