jogging bareng

hello there,
it's been almost a month yaa.
so, i celebrate june arrival with join melaka government to jogging together before sukan malaysia 2010 in melaka.
this is us. pepi,robin,doli,me,cica,n jawa.

we were suprised, when we saw a giant monitor lizard..OMG this killer must live at zoo not swarm about and hanging around town. so i took a picture of this super huge lizard and all of my friend run after this 5 second famous animal.

last year, pepi and his suicider gank kill small sized of monitor lizard and got cursed by indian man who work at RSU restaurant. it must be kind of sacred animal for them.
and this is me after run from easternmost to westernmost of melaka river. damn i'm so tired. fyi this is my first jogging after a year.heheh can you imagine how lazy i am??


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