UTHM: 28-30 April 2010

heyyo lovey dovey

april is over a week ago. I'm struggling in exam right now but actually in the sway mood of writing blog.April was nut..full day with activities and thank GOD it was over.

still curious why I didn't feel nervous when I'm on stage. Is it because I lost my sense of shy or i already throw it far faraway since ISS Night. you know what it means?it means I got full confidence boost, and I'm happy with that..you guys had to understand how hard this thing for me.

my last activities before exam :

Indonesia Culture and Food Festival
UTHM - Johor Bahru

not to mention iik my junior in highschool taking his degree there.i'm so happy finally i met him. ok lets the story begin..

i was suprised when i saw UTHM bus at MMU president square, i thought i would end up with Johor embassy bus.

UTHM was kind of quite campus,super gigantic area,and have straight rule. i'll be dead if i have to stay there for more than one week because lack of happiness. no wonder iik age wasted there,he don't have to be that old. HAHAH LOL

we were there for saman dance, of course I'm not the part of the dancers but please bold that I'm the singer.tretetrertereertetett. so you think i can't dance? yes i cannot..i need fat burner before i can dance. ok but please stop laughing.

the team :
tika,me,robin,gilang,shika,indah,dita,cica,amel,ayu,kak lovi,irfan,pepi,aida,reza,n rizal

i want to thank the program committee for invite us to this superb event and also huge gratitude for the saman team. i love you guys.


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