hama beads tutorial

last time i went to IKEA i found this interesting thing named pyssla, it was like love at the first sight. i took it even i don't know how to play, but since i really into something like this yes I'm sure i can nail this thing.
ok lets start!

1.what you need is pack of hama beads, peg board and the iron paper ,the colors depend on what kind of pattern you want to create

1.1 pack of hama beads

1.2 don't forget to read the warning

1.3 beads mold


3 .place beads, one by one, on a pegboard to create pattern. i use my own imagination to create mine
4. place ironing paper on top of your design. use iron to melt the beads together to create permanent design. All you need are few second. Don't overheat the beads.
5.after few seconds to cool off, you remove the design from the pegboard, and yippiyaayy then you have your complete hama beads design.


Kayla Leigh said…
i love these things! we used to make them at camp all the time. it was so scary though because one false move and, just like that, you have to start over.

have just started looking at your blog, but i can already tell that im going to like it. and you.

love from,
laugh like tangerine

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