I would like to congratulate AREMA for finally won ISL ( Indonesia Super League ) this year. After waiting for 17 years and after draw 1 - 1 with PSPs Pekanbaru

this is the most boring holiday i've ever known in my life, i didn't do anything except taking care of my new online shop in Indonesia & Malaysia regional. full of regret i didn't join orientation committee.huhuhu..
this is my current look, my hair look mess and yes I am such a mess. i went to this place a lot ( rizal house ) just because everybody who weren't back to Indonesia gather there even just winning eleven-ing on xbox or sit down in front computer for more than 8 hours like me.i came home late about a week ago, abro's parent treat us at AMIGO'S and after that we had a super long chit chat . i opened my apartment door and i heard something moving in the darkness, my heart pumped when that little creature jumping around and closer. i thought that was a giant mouse inside my apartment, i want to scream but i know that no one give a damn because there is a huge massive party in the neighborhood, no one will hear me scream. i was standing near by lamp socket ( lamp plug,lamp contact..ooh whatever i don't know what it's called ) and i turned on the lamp. The giant mouse in my head change into cute little rabbit, haahhaha CLEAR! finally i knew it was adel's rabbitoooo..
and this is my ship wreck room. clothes everywhere!i will go to laundry tomorrow..i cannot handle total mess like this

ok that's all. check me out on my tumblr ---


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