hello world,

finally, the crazy month passed away, now i can sprawling in my bed and blogging.

BBQ party rizal made was held about a month ago between the almost-make-me-die events. thank GOD i haven't any brain damage or lost memories according to that uncontrollable emotion. so, that day i was criticize my junior booth for " 3 days around the world" event at my campus. I'm bit disappointed but at least they did their best and me as the senior who "love to complain" give them applause for the hell hard work.
back to BBQ party, 2-3 hours before this party begun i was at leadership gathering camp place, settle something unsettled and the committee were havin some fresh-air mini trip. after that we were having a short meeting at naiman restaurant which i bought the bone soup for BBQ party ( oyaa i promise to bring soup to BBQ party, since i have no time to made one,i prefer bought that..hhehehe )

i've tried to crush his torso, it wasn't successful
BBQ menu :

1. chicken grilled
2. masak habang egg
3. round-steak bone soup that all?i think i forgot to mention the rest

the handyman fan, grilled chicken maker :

the BBQ party member:

selamat makan,


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