ultah kak dewi febrian*telat posting

ide-nya si pacar emang brilian, doli setuju!
so we made a glamour restaurant candlelight dinner style at rizal house for kak dewi febrian birthday.
i do love the concept, so rizal n cemenk will be the waitress, the france restaurant waitress.. they were sooo funny. uda ade padang was the pianist. and me?what did i do for the birthday?i create dat all..it seems my future will be at event organizer company isnt it

prepare prepare

full sponsorship from this man.DOLI

how romantic, hiihihihi x)

the team at de nangka restaurant

you will find this crowd in special occasion like this.alhamdulillah banyak yang ngumpuuulll

happy birthday kak dewi febrian


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