3 days around the world

about a week ago i was like walking backward to three days around the world 2007. the 2007 3datw was reminiscence of my convalesce after disappear for one semester because of putting the blame on every single thing on me and ok that was yesterday!
so this year theme was lamin etam (dayak ) house,i love the way they sketch ,draw and paint it.. they did so well. what i mean as "they" was my junior from 2008 year. so,it still three days around the world but one day extra for food festival and im in charge of food festival.
the dishes laid out on the table for FREE!
1.opor ayam
3.sate ayam
4.pisang bakar keju
5.indonesian traditional cake
7.es teler
8.es campur
9.TUMPENG -->i love this!
look at that cute tumpeng

im not gonna let my energy wasted out to made some sate.so of course i bought it from the expert from Melaka Sentral. if you guys said the sate was totally heaven taste my hand wasn't made it. the rest,i bought it at Indori Restaurant and some of them i made it by myself. Tumpeng?people pretty shocked watch this tumpeng thingy, they were ask "what is this?when we ate this?" HAHAHHAHA..its funny.
for the event we perform saman dance as usual but this one with the small number of dancer i think amel,hassya,agus,and binski did their best. you guys wonderful . The poco-poco part also fun. me robin and my old friend diego was the instructor for this dance. i love dancing.

poco- poco arabian food from saudi arabia booth

Bapak Zamzuri was visit and ask me "how are you,bu?" hohoho i miss peuehabe aceh
took a picture in front of Palestinian booth


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