this week!

this week ill be in rush doing everything. haha you know me. today is wed it means i have to take the certificate,name tag,and placate at uh trading then print out the Baznas Scholarship for Indonesian student at Malaysia because i have to give it to doli's general secretary which is student at UIA ( ketua baznasnya di UIA) the next thing is i have to sms-in all of my group members,this is crazy and kinda last minute i need group members for my assignment and i promised NEVER ever ask people join my group but from my country, its traumatic ..segala macem ga bakal beres and always disappointed! but maybe Allah give me chance to change my sight.
PPIM have a this huge activity this thursday,which i already mention at my post before..the leadership talk. the number one man at committee who is bang Hamidi ask us to stay at KL the day before the leadership talk. its big NO..
i think i TUMBLR-ing too much. its fun totally but i still cant leave blogspot.
i went to new Jusco to run into Jcool which i cant have one because everybody wants it and Jcool was took by the storm..jcoolnya abis meeenn. i close my sad-clown mask with bought a super wanted-on-the-list stuff, 2 glasses and one warm and furry so 2009.

hola,this is my 3rd thing dat i bought online. its genuine ZARA and worth a penny. the owner never used it, i believe it because i didn't saw any "walk-scratch".its already 44 and next target is marc jacobs and charles & keith .i have to move on to another stage of shoes right?

oya i have an appointment with Mr.Shahdan at his office this friday with fahmi, we will give him a Peuehaba Aceh 4 report and big thankfullness to him and his department for helping us at Peuehaba Aceh 4 program.

if you obey the rules,you will miss all the fun.


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