vlog?lets start with this one

dear night,

i was taking the last shoot of uda's project with robin, uda, & L. vlog split in my mind yes i plan to start make a vlog, but i cant leave my blog i'm not ready yet because writing always the best,right?nevermind..ill think about it later.

lilac met the vet ( finally). the doctor gave my boy a vaccine, clean his ear and a general health check up, it takes about 2 and half hours to do it so i leave him at pet clinic. so he is clean right now..i feel sooo damn breathing again and free from lilac noise and strange act,he looked peacefully sleep a whole day in my bed and back to the lazy day as lazy cat.

im still working with peuhabe aceh thingy, you guys know i dont like something imperfect when i work on a program/project soo ill do my best. wish me all the best!!!

for you who never get tired of making your own clown show,i lend my shit on you.

may GUS DUR rest in peace.

waiting for the shoot # 1

it seems like rijal was directly response when i call ian kasela name,it seems like rijal love raja indeed


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