tricky assignment

look at my horrible face,that expression is meaningly.i was in a rush submit my management information systems assignment,yes iam the last minuter,the due date is 14 December 2009 at 5pm and i was run all way down fbl office at 4.45 pm,thank god the lecture was there,a short word from the lecture :
"did you bring the cd?"
"yes sir"
"ok,put in pigeon box right there"
annnddd i close the door heal my breath circulation then get back to the car saw pepi smiled at me that means the assignment DONE!

this is my picture during breakfast-but-lunch time in lamongan MITC with my buddies before tortured by the assignment,i must be twittering that time and got kinda annoyed when robrudes literally laugh because of something not know love effect..laughing something not funny is one of the criteria.

paintball was totally amusing.we went to paintball court near bukit katil.when i heard that pepi said "hell no i wont play,i just drain out the swimming tired"you know guy cant be trusted!..and i bet my self ate at nando's if finally he play those paintball game. i have no problem with the paintball and never force him to do anything but his mouth for million time cant be trust!

i was standing far from war field..bullets as far as i can see

oya,tomorrow must be our 3rd anniversary!but he kinda blow it before we celebrate it.since we werent on relationship-but-inrelationship in bahasa indonesia it translated as Hubungan Tanpa Status. what do you guys think?should i still celebrate it or not?


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