si banci twitter

si banci twitter in action sambil nelpon @sorongJr
since may i almost tweeting 4300 tweet,yes iam the banci twitter

i just open this site and wow,my name is on the list #4

click this picture to enlarge,i know you want to see my name hihihi
ranking di site ini membuktikan aku memang banci twitter,but thanks for the rank
i love #4

seharusnya aku ngerjain asignment hari ini bukannya malah ngerasa n pura pura ga ada kerjaan!insya Allah besok selesai pokonya..bikin database basic,bukannya ngeremehin tapi programnya udah ada jadi tinggal masukin data-datanya trus masukin rumusnya n bikin laporan based on the database i create itu juga print screen-print screen je..hehehehe

congratulation to my bestiest iqra tegar magistra akbar for the good figh,stress and struggling seeking for job because finally he got a position at PLN ( Perusahaan Listrik Negara) yang suka mati lampu itu. but im sad and mad because this december will be the last time i see his crazy ass face.he will never stay at malang,as same as another pln employee he will work at i dont know where but i heard he mention SUMATERA & BOGOR!oohhhh shhiiiitt thats quite far you know.i cant call him to ask for some favor like accompany me to saloon or my friends house and literally + honestly i cant talk,share,and cry on air,live,face 2 face or whtvr!im gonna miss him so much..oh god he grown up,produce money,and ready for wifey thingy!ok stop talkin about him because he make me envy!!!!smooch smooch**

oya,"bad lieutenant" is bad movie and i get bored when i saw this movie.
and this one make me laugh,translation of hitler speech at his movie : MMU INTERNET PROBLEM!im sure the translator is the victim of the MMU damn slow internet connection.
check out!i rate***** stars to this video!


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