my dear happyday

tonight is Christmas eve.i smell turkey from the neighborhood never hope for the slice but i always smile for people who gather together with family in special occasion like christmas/chinesse new year/idul fitri/idul adha and many more. everyone is happy!

today is the beginning of the holiday. i still arrange day plan for my self even it just a holiday. i think this sem holiday will be fun,ill go to aceh at 8th january and hoping for something worth than experience and worth than malang.

me,doli,pepito,n fahmi visit mr.shadan office at seri negeri melaka this morning,i spend a short time accompany mr.shadan secretary to make a support letter. the office environment is completely warm, mr.shadan have a friendly staff and they are all memorizing my name even the last time i saw them at aids dinner in mmu or the the process of making dodol n ketupat for international student at semabok.

i suppose to be with my family and not just a family but very big family celebrating new year together at bromo's mountain. iam full of envious when my mother told me that she and my aunty prepare for the new year,she never meant to made me think some kind of jealous but i think she does know that i want home for new year.

i feel so in trouble,i bought a new shoes again and still waiting from my Vans Jada dat i bought from ebay then 2 more shoes from sippirili monzster. i think my mouth cant stop say "I ORDER THIS" and my hand cant stop type " I ORDER THIS".im so sorry ibu!!!

i saw sherlock holmes last night with pepito,reza,robin,jawa n haykel. 7.8/10 to me..the most interesting part is there is a scene place that sooo harry potter, at first i didnt believe until yahoo movie tell me "sherlock holmes house=sirius black house at harry potter and the order of phoenix" like there was no more place to take a scene in the world.hahahaha

and one more movie review from the producer James Cameron, the best from the best movie i saw at the end of 2009 "AVATAR" every word is meaningful, every part of the movie is amazing..the graphic,the story,the character,even the soundtrack is totally avatarded!

the ice stick was came about 3-4 days ago,cant wait to teach an orphan at aceh

heyoo moi name is lilac


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