cobalah untuk setia - krisdayanti cover by bunzo n robrudes

to our dearest friend
rizal fakhlifi bboy moneyday
nih jaaalllllllllllllllllll.....hadiah ulang taun deehhh

why this song?

once upon a time, he was on curhat session with me and rob rudes has a role as soundtrack man, i quote his word " gw suka banget sama cewe yang nyanyi cobalah untuk setianya-krisdayanti n' semua karena cintanya-joy tobing.kalo suaranya bagus gw bisa langsung jatuh cinta" and dat time iam thinking about whatta kinda passionate this song got.what so special?and ok..everyone every people have their own life soundtrack like rijal does.

and im really sorry,at the last last last part i was little bit high pitched and my voice gone out of throat itchy bitchy..oya and already record another song but actually rob rudes like this one. ->trus i blame you sir.robinhoowdy


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