another boring thing

hoam, its been hard and long week and i feel not good and itch ,itch = allergy alert. hahah I've got allergy and its piqued me soooo bad....oh god i need a breath,i want refresh my brain and i need shopping.

task that im not finish yet~
1. send my offer letter via email to my father
2. practice singing with eza and novia
3. helping cica decorating cameron highland flowers for iss night in seri negeri
4. finish statistic assignment,management and
5. second midterm of marketing is 29 April
6. editing rizal's essay
7. remaking and revise the mmu award nomination for HIV/AIDS event last year
8. attend dyah birthday party
9. iss night

i want to share my midbreak story~
so, i was in malang for 5 days, i held a reunite for my highschool friends,even the event walk like a snail but i was so happy that time,i met my old folks and they were not change so much,but i do change 180 degree then of course they freakin shouting for the first time but im fake-in fine.
my classmate,seatmate,socialmate and other mate is coming also. as my prediction, more than 60 people is came.


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