i was just wondering to come to stadium bukit jalil at february 13th, it means if my heart pound on watching rihanna singing "disturbia" then i'll but the ticket on the spot,but if not at least i take a picture there HHAHAHAHHAAAAA it's silly.

until at february 8th i heard that chris brown assault on rihanna and she had serious visible injuries,it happens after the clive davis annual pre-grammy bash, why on earth chris brown thinking?"go to school chris!!!!learn from your school teacher how to be nice to woman.go on take a bow chris brown.

and now the pineapple concert good girls gone bad was postponed.its not canceled, everybody!just POSTPONEMENT according to ( or click this picture below if you dont believe :

lets pray for rihanna and i'll pray for jason mraz to, i hope nothing happen to him before his " im yours" concert in Malaysia.amin!


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