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Hello world,
a day without drama series is odd for me this semester, like bread without jam i will not commentate this series without watch it very well. im not exactly BH 90210 ( 1990) addict because it may look weird if 2 years old little cute girl seriuously watching american tv series..FYI i born at 1988.

straightly comment BH 90210 (2008) first
Shenae Grimes Annie Wilson 2008-
Tristan Wilds Dixon Wilson 2008-
AnnaLynne McCord Naomi Clark 2008-
Dustin Milligan Ethan Ward 2008-
Ryan Eggold Ryan Matthews 2008-
Jessica Stroup Erin Silver 2008-
Michael Steger Navid Shirazi 2008-
Jessica Lowndes Adrianna Tate-Duncan 2008-
Lori Loughlin Debbie Wilson 2008-
Rob Estes Harrison "Harry" Wilson 2008-

hehe.sorry about copy paste-ing from wikipedia,just click at one of their name if you wanted to know more.I have to say they are similar but well different and very interesting to watch.

I can't wait for Tori Spelling's(Donna Martin) comeback on April 14, 2009. I want, definitely, a second season. And some recurring characters to come back such as Constance Duncan(Adrianna's mother), Ty, Ozzie, Ty's mother. Those characters have to return to the series.

im impressed and greatly amased for someone who celebrating "half birthday party" and also decides to spend a spooky Halloween evening by watching horror movies with friends at the famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery. kinda weird but cool parah and i adore the one who celebrate the half birthday,she is erin silver ( jessica stroup),my favourite and adorable.

beverly hills 90210 ( 1990 )

Actor Character Seasons
Jason Priestley Brandon Walsh 1990-1998
Shannen Doherty Brenda Walsh 1990-1994
Jennie Garth Kelly Taylor 1990-2000
Ian Ziering Steve Sanders 1990-2000
Brian Austin Green David Silver 1990-2000
Tori Spelling Donna Martin 1990-2000
Luke Perry Dylan McKay 1990-1995; 1998-2000
Gabrielle Carteris Andrea Zuckerman 1990-1995
Tiffani Thiessen Valerie Malone 1994-1998
Kathleen Robertson Clare Arnold 1994-1997
Douglas Emerson Scott Scanlon 1990-1991
Carol Potter Cindy Walsh 1990-1995
James Eckhouse Jim Walsh 1990-1995
Joe E. Tata Nat Bussichio 1990-2000
Mark Damon Espinoza Jesse Vasquez 1994-1995
Jamie Walters Ray Pruit 1994-1996
Hilary Swank Carly Reynolds 1997-1998
Vincent Young Noah Hunter 1997-2000
Vanessa Marcil Gina Kincaid 1998-2000
Lindsay Price Janet Sosna 1998-2000
Daniel Cosgrove Matt Durning 1998-2000

for god sake!it's 10 season,from 1990 - 2000 you have to stick with one team,one crew,and one series,ayayae but work is work and popularity is popularity, this series was nominated in more than 10 awards since 1990

the costumes were well-designed for that era,and i believe some of this actor/actress have been called as fashion icon at that time.
hhmm..i think i have to go to dvd store,if malaysian "video ezy" far away @ KL i better hunting BH 90210 (1990) popular or do you have any idea? week uzzy went to singapore i will wheedling him to hunt this dvd at singapore

in conclusion,BEVERLY HILLS 90210 IS BACK!


2 years old little cute girl? ahahahahha...pleaaase deh, maybe since u were a fetus u've already done drama!

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