yes i have to change.

Hello everybody.

I still unwell here ,staring at rob’s computer, after complaining of a migraine and damn hurt stomach for few days , I’m traditionally thinks fool as usual, I’m scared to meet the doctor, worrying myself about what kinda thunder light news I’ve to heard. I do think logically ,normally, and positively as my mother said “ your body isn’t well-proportioned , you will often catch a cold or any other disease” OK I accept it until now I think I will came under the yoke I GIVE UP I don’t want spend the rest of my life as dumb fat mama and become mockery object in the middle of friends joking stage, but I don’t mind if people think cow girl like me cant do better than a normal human, they right…now ,I cant do many things what i habitually do when I was 48kg.

Im totally sick of this, I cant do anything I want and if you know me I don’t even want to hear whispering opinion from my heart.

each day I woke up felt like I cursed by someone, and that someone is ME.

Then lets stop this guiltiness!


And if you are my friend ,support me

ciao x)


Piyoh said…
Wah, ada yang mau berubah ni...oke dech, ditunggu..tapi jangan di dalam Box Telepon umum ya, udah ada Bang S disana. berubahnya disini aja..mumpung sepi.(I'll keep the secret).-sahabat Bang S-
ahmad said…
mw diet kah bund ? semangat bund . saya juga musti berubah . berubah jadi agak gemuk lagi . :)
I don't have to be your friend to support u. I ALWAYS TELL YOU to LOSE WEIGHTS but YOU NEVER HEAR ME!! Too many EXCUSES!!

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