my recent activity.

im still crazy and nauseated about my redyelloworange room still in a MESS condition.
1. finish the hiv/aids charity dinner with drama concert and musical performance. but the report still not finish YET.

2.committee closing barbeque party or i called it as powder party. everyone except me playing card,monopoli,uno,and playing a board games ( i forgot the name ), once you lose once every player fulfill and paint yor face with in charge of making powder spices, put powder in cup of glass, mixed it with water and my secret recipe : add 3 -5 drop of cajuput oil. HAHAHHA.

3. microeconomic and psychology XM FINISH.i'll buried my head next semester. australia and bedtime stories

5.spend new years together in AFAMOSA resort then the next day went to animal world, my oh my i heart this trip.

6. spend money in KL + accompany my mother-in-law-wannabe.

7. there was a street accident bear down upon uzzy and robin, cepet sembuh ya uzzy booo.. a new bag at topshop

9.playing hotel 626....monkey bites...sial menakutkan.

10.accompany my BF to dentist.

Best Regards



Mi Mi Mi said…
awww.... the topshop bag is lovely!!!!!!!!!!!

and look like you hav a busy noice week!

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