my eye on melaka

i response the blissful alert in the middle of chinesse new year week and of course in the middle of my gratified holiday.

this is hamster toy (KIDDING!).. i love this place, looks like we could reach the sky, i remember someone declare
"even we were separated faraway,remember that we still at the same sky,when you miss me,look at the sky,i will be there"
we far far far away from the land,iam thinkin about some place far far far away from here whispering may i tossed aside then when i open my eyes, peacefully i pouring my grass and flower in front of my house at malang,but uhm..its IMPOSSIBLE!or..when i open my eyes,i sit down between my bestfriends at our reserved cafe,or..i better walk and spend time with keisha, meet her it means meet my self,but sadly its IMPOSSIBLE. i owe my self to make my days here counts : have fun,dig deep,stretch,and dream big about positive way.

talking about possible thing,anything is possible. Some of the things that are of daily use in our life now seemed impossible a generation ago. This was aptly expressed by Robert H Goddard in these words: "It is difficult to say what is impossible for the dream of yesterday, is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow."


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