gong xi fa cai.

one thing i like about chinesse new year is “ red “.

Uncle holidie injecting Boredom virus into my body, i bored and bored then thanks god my bf ask me to go to jonker walk ( hahaha,i think every hell stuck holiday i was spent my Saturday nite at jonker, i've never miss jonker as my medicine).

I open my wardrobe and wondering about my nutbrown ripcurl dress,ok im sure gonna used it untill i look in the mirror ccrraaaappp.....that was so crummy,i lost my selfconfident and me?im a nutbrown ball ready to trundling.

What is on earth i have to buy it?its nice dress but not look nice at me. My very big mistake is i didnt even try it, i take my size then pay,now this is what i get.

My final suggestion : do not snap to buy good.

the good will still stand where they stand, they never walk untill the shopkeeper move them.

This episode of jonker walk,i do a research about traditional statue in melaka,its impressive and from my percentage from 100% i believe 80% good their sell is originally from indonesia, in fact some of them had "made in indonesia" stamp. When i think like an economist i would be happy to say i better bought those one in my country because the price was cheaper than here,i always think about the marginal cost and you do toooooo right?


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