1. everyone who get this award are obliged to write their recent love story & these rules in their new post
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no bound, yes i do hate ( 7 ), this number was already change my love story.

i just celebrating my 1st anniversay with my bf, actually 2 years we've been together but i didnt count it because the other year was so blue,gloomy, & NIGHTMARE. he cheating on me and i wreakin on him then he cheat again,and he cheat again,so he cheat again,untill he really want to stop! thank god answer my pray,patiently im waiting for him to stop,alhamdulillah he realise it.

last night for a 4th time i met my mother in law-wannabe, i was so nervous. i prepared the food and the table then i planned to run rationally to my house just because i was so nervous and it could be my bad hair day if she pull a face on me. she looking for me and call me :

mother in law-wannabe : UQI tadi kemana?
me : tadi mandi tante,soalnya gerah
mother in law-wannabe : kesini lah qi,makan sama2 kita
me : iya tante,ini lagi ngerjain tugas ( 100 % LIE ) ,tante sudah makan?
mother in law-wannabe : alhamdulillah udah kenyang,makasih ya qi ya
me : iya tante sama2 ( sambil cekikikan )
mother in law-wannabe : sini qi makan,diet ya??
me : engga kok tante,iya nanti uqi makan tante
mother in law-wannabe : ini tante bawa rambutan ama donat,kamu kesini aja nanti kalo selesai ngerjain tugas
me : iya tante insya Allah,mungkin besok pagi baru bisa kesana
mother in law-wannabe :uqi ayo tidur disini,rame2,bareng2 sama tante
me : iya tante,besok mungkin ( O M G ...)
mother in law-wannabe : uqi,ada sajadah di kamar abang,sholat dia qi ya?
me : iya tante,rajin dia sholatnya
mother in law-wannabe : alhamdulillah,ya sudah tante istirahat dulu ya ki ya,besok kita ketemu
me : oke tante,selamat tidur tante,salam buat difi n tante ma.

today maybe i'll accompany his mother and his auntie take a walk around melaka.
Tomorrow maybe i'll go to KL,to accompany his mother and his auntie go shopping.the day after tomorrow perhaps i'll go to genting, accompany his family.and we will spent new years together at afamosa resort .

thank you robin dharmaputra.

and i'll give this award to my university mate.










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