it's been t w o years,pep

1 6 December 2008
We do, yes we do
Pledge to always and forever be true
We do, on our anniversary

heureux anniversaire nombre deux

thankyou very mooocchiieee,
1. for giving me ( AGAIN ) the ring
2. it's silver ring
3. you are so plucky spunky BRAVE give me the ring in front of many people
4. in fact, i love how much i hate you and i hate how much i love you.

makasih juga buat yang bawain lilin,agar2,nyanyiin " Heal The World " dan pasti nama2nya tidak dapat di sebutkan karna takut kelupaan dan emang banyak. ih kalian baik banget sih.


ausii said…
bundooo happy anniversaryyyy :) semoga awet awet terusssss amiiin :)
putikeswara said…
makasih siii hihihihihi
langgeng2 juga yaaaa

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