yesterday,i went to kuala lumpur to accompany jawa to review what kind of desktop he wish. we depart from melaka sentral at 12.30 and arrive to puduraya at 14.00,the bus was so fast. i think iam insane,i didnt sleep yet. i was so tired but my eyes still openwide because soo many "red" gadget out there.i met something catched my eyes its acer aspire one,eventhough it's not red but first time i met her,in think she will be my ferrari's wife.hahakakahkhaka
uncommonly,we ride with bus not with CAR,i swear i relly enjoyed it.
we go back to melaka at 18.30(actually we already in puduraya from 17.15 but the bus is available in 18.30) and arrive to melaka sentral again at 20.00,and thanks to manda who picked us at melaka sentral last night.

my gadget wishlist :
1. acer aspire one,white colour. PSP red colour limited edition
3.LG KS360 red colour
4.i pod touch 8giga ->i'll colour it
5.logitech cordless desktop mx 5500 revolution
6. nikon D80.

hope-superfully,i can buyout those thing.AMIN.yarabbal alamiin

si jawir lagi tidur,hihi @transnasional bus.


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