real jobs suck.

i bring a howler letter!it shout :
" blah mr.frowned studded head,i was so f@#$^%n happy upchucking your face.dont trying to teach me about something i do know much. yes maybe i have to call the indonesian yellow brigade to throw you in hundred million gallons of rubbish "
thats my lovely quote for today

Maybe I am the best friend u have ever had. I hear all your shits, keep all your secrets, I still admit and love your quality even though among all of your good fellas, I know the most, that you're a BITCH.
thats keisha's lovely quote for today

we already have a meeting with iss,the catering proposal accepted,uploading file2 in yahoogroup was done,as far as good lah. next project is build a booth & exhibition at 5 in front of iss room, sent a proposal letter to hospital and faxed it also to MAC. tomorrow the kecak'ers will practice at rizal house.
pitied,i feel disappointed with MY SELF, i slaves my self for this shit but no one seems bug-eyed it.YES I COMPLAIN,SO WHAT?i dont want you to feel perforce or hate,i just want you to HELP ME.

i was so so feel envy with faiq ( my highschool mate who stuck in Al-Azhar University, Cairo for one decade of time ~lweeebuuaay) he flight to jeddah today to accompany their parents "HAJI" for a couple of week. i ask him to especially pray for me in front of hajar aswad and he officially say YES!

so,today is saturday night. i end up this night with blowin my self in front of my laptop and playing gamehouse game and i miss my friends below.

giggling,laughing,smiling @ pit stop .

do you know both of them above?
* bin,fotomu yang kedua itu miriiiip banget ama yang maen gitar di video2 group dangdut yang penyanyi dangdutnya joget gak jelas


ahahahaha...yang terakhir lucu banget. foto gitaris penyanyi dangdut ga jelas!!hahahaha...and I enjoy the song
acilalala said…
u got an award!
please check my blog for further info ;)

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