2.10 AM
i just came back home from rijal house with (so) many people this early morning, there is "muhibbah" ( kinda meeting for all member and committees club around MMU ), Mr.ISS PRESIDENT its doli asking help to indonesian student to occupy "muhibbah",only one reason why we decide to said YES because we need extra money for the charity drama concert for hiv/aids program. this time,how a group of boy dancing a traditional aceh dance, yeah they do saman dance. what am i doing?i do singing a saman dance rhyme. the hardest thing that we have to face is time, we have no time to practice and suddenly we have to memorize all of the move and the lyric,suddenly (again) we were so tired! its already late....but seriously we still in charge of laugh and smile,thats why i enjoyed it alhtough iam hell tired.

keisha is now in problem : she cant be her own self , its cruel and if its happen to me as usual,i think i always hate my self while i cant be ME,she said :

aku jadi merasa bukan keisha.
saat ini aku lebih pantas dinamai "pecundang' daripada "keisha".
karena keisha sama sekali tidak seperti aku ini.
keisha tidak pernah menyaman-nyamankan dirinya di comfort zone
keisha tidak lari dari apapun.

saya ini sedang jadi siapa ya

saya merasa payah
saya tak kunjung keluar dari comfort zone
seperti burung yang malas terbang padahal punya sayap
seperti superman yang mau jadi manusia biasa aja tapi tidak mau ganti nama jadi "man" tetep maunya "superman"

hopefully my keisha will be back soon!

i read from the Indonesian president site, SBY ,madame ani yudhoyono and his crew Menlu Hassan Wirajuda, Mensesneg Hatta Rajasa, Mendag Mari E.Pangestu, Mentan Anton Apriantono, Menteri ESDM Purnomo Yusgiantoro, dan kedua Jubir Presiden, Dino Patti Djalal dan Andi A.Mallarangeng arrive at brazil today, they will do a bilateral visit and sequence session of what they say as "work" but i see it as "hey mr.president,are you wasting our money with taking a walk abroad?" i hope it will have a benefit to our truly naturally Indonesia and PAYOFF!fiuh...

gooooossssshhh,i have to sleep! i have frech class at,then microeconomic at 10am then 12-2pm psychology then i have to do rehearsal for muhibbah then microeconomics class at 4-6pm then preparing the SHOW!


oh ya,i would like to SHOUT...
happy birthday to mpus


akanexhikki said…
tau gak bun....klo aku bun,g ada enjoy2nya td....pas latihan...

enjoynya..klo ada guyon doank..hahahahaha

ah,aku padahal jg mau nulis ttg latihan keduluan bundo..hahaha

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