another alter-ego

i was so busy with my thing,MY SELF,university,organization,freund,family and for sure si pacar durhaka, i almost (ALMOST loh yaa) have no convenient time to writing, for example my schedule yesterday

08 am - 10 am : class
10 am - 12am : cooking and eating
12pm - 1 pm : class
1 pm - 3 pm : class
3 pm - 5 pm : washing clothes sambil pacaran
5 pm - 7 pm : cleaning the house and talking with rijal about the aids program
7 pm - 8 pm : prepare the meeting material
8.30 - 11 pm :meeting
11pm - finish : eating and resting.

sok sibuk ya?hahaha...pooollll....
so uhm..friendster is back,thank god my friends also back,2 days a go i checked it but it really hurt my heart,i just have 3 FRIENDS in my friendster friendlist.was friendster nut or something?and i was so lazy opening facebook and other friend connectors site yaaaa i have more important thing to do.

let see what i've got below :
i draw my self in many ways,in simpsons character,in south park character (my oldies blog),in manga character,and me in 1950.

i upload my picture then simpsons site draw me like above

i like the logo of my t-shirt "grand theft walrus"WTH?!@#$%^&
^^i made up my self^^

i love mixing red and yellow as one,INCREDIBLE!!

hahaha i was so OLD and look like my mother (almost my grand mother actually)



akanexhikki said…
kok ada poto joker bun?hahhahaha
Ahmad Sheva said…
yang plg bagus , , poto d akhir postingan . hehe
putikeswara said…
yang mana tuh paaak???

yang mana jokernya ver?yang kanan apa yang kiri?hihiihihihiii
Dharmaputera said…
wah, bundo ternyata klo diliat2 ganteng juga yaa...

ganteng parah!!!

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