and lucas cruikshank,do you know who is he?
fred figglehorn?
im sure you know him,he is 6 year old boy and he is a youtube superstar

Lucas Cruikshank is the creator of fred.
Cruikshank's FRED channel became YouTube's most subscribed channel overall with more than 500.000subscribers, and altogether his Fred channel has received over 22 million channel views and over 125,000,000 video views since its launch May 1st, 2008.cool.

this guy is completely superb, first time i saw his video on youtube he was like invite me to laugh and strew his passion of JOKING to me.ecstaticly i subscribe and add him. i do really give attention to his voice,i thought he record his voice then mixed it with animal or kids voice. yaa it sounds high pitched and and sharp,then i know it's original and i feel 100% exhausted because he convulse me with his antics method of joke. it sounds crazy,but i really appreciate a person who can adopt,copy,and make uncustom/unusual/un..more (un) VOICE like kevin clash,the voice actor who succed bring the muppets and the chasers of elmo's voice, little bit different with lucas cruikshank( fred figglehorn) who act and chase his own.

as i see on youtube, now he has 3 playlist in his youtube profile
1. http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=7A9BFAF1DE53EEFD

which is season I,season II,and classic (virals)

this year is fred figglehorn year,he was at the apex of his career as actor and director of his own video.check out his website at www.fredfigglehorn.com

its lucaS:

and "hey,it's FRED"


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