thirsty holi-die # 1

19 october 2008

it's 6.25pm
my first holiday,i heard duta singing "dan" in my headset assuredly why i didnt use my superloud speaker because i dont wanna hear any strange voice from outside,it makes me feel uncomfortable since a broken mirror in pepito's kitchen last night its directly bloody shocked me,and why the police dont take a responsibility of it?the police didnt come!but actually the case is we already call the police to make a report,they promise but didnt come,so how if its happen to my house??
what iam do without you pep?
i will eat some food out there and having fun with my guys (there's no girl in this place except me and lya),mcdonalds is passionate!
(makcik nutup entah sampai kapan,i choose mcd as my best,sekalian jemput diah-nya manda di DP)

20 october 2008

it's 7.42pm
its raining outside,i want to smell the raindrops so i open my "jail" window widely,my room looks bigger and fresh. i chat with some people and still proud to be a lonely bully girl,im lazy to take a bath because i didnt do anything i just lay on my bed,watching movies,eat whatta busy day,im still in good tempered until pepi have lost connection with me,he look like a mobile phone signal and me as his satellite ,his signal was so strong when iam near,if he faraway from me?his signal is low and getting disappear, he disappear like last year while he screwed me up.ranti still want me to come to penang, oh God what should i say to her?i called my mother,just short talk,iam excited to come back to indonesia because of my big brothers wedding.
finally he call me after i call him many times,i hate this damn feeling,why should i getting mad about unimportant thing like this?

21 october 2008

it's 1.01 pm
take a bubble bath : v
checking friendster : v
checking facebook : v
checking blog : v
checking another profile in another website : NOT YET
send email to malaysian aids council : v
hear deeply inside my belly,listen a beyonce singing...hahaha like a frog very hungry.
10.01 pm
i cried loud and cannot stop until now,my boyfriend screwed me. i already finished it.and now we break up.
i like this quote :

takdir menunjukkan kuasanya atas manusia
hidupku berubah
hari ini aku merasa menjadi pemenang
meskipun ini bukan permainan

22 october

12.39 pm
i spend a whole morning in robins house with very also,i sleep and end up my visiting-friends-home with watching bollywood movie "om shanti om".in the middle of the movie i go back home,and my big shit room door cant open as well,it stuck,the key is stuck,many times i assure that i put the right key,and last lya's boyfriend kick and push it,and DONE.
my (ex) boyfriend send me some sms and he trying to call me,oh my rocky woozy dizzy boy i switched off my mobile phone because of you. i want you feel what i still upset and hungry.
1.24 pm
ranti decide to picked me up to penang,she is worry about me and of course i will forbid her to come.

dont know what time : we finish the battle and the war, i realize that the main problem is mine,my traumatic tragedy,like make some march of sentence which have a cause and effect i take HE as my cause and ME as the effect.

11.29 pm
i see a fireworks outside,they blew up in i dont know where near MITC,i dont even remember when the last time i see fireworks in indonesia especially in malang ,its rare and perhaps i just have 1 time in a year to see it,but here in the middle of drizzle rain the fireworks dancing,they red then change to green,they one then change to 4 or 5 until i cant count it,its beautiful but after dance in the sky they disappear. why every good,lovely,beautiful,and awesome things disappear faster than a bad one?

23 october 2008

5.09 PM
i go to MMU to fixed something,it goes bad when the staff isnt available,thats why i must go back tomorrow.i didnt get my peace mood back,i didnt get my mood to clean up all this mess,but my dirty clothes stack is getting higher everyday.lets FINISHED IT TODAY LAZY GIRL.
08.05 PM
maybe i should stop loudly singing at my room,lya said and hear softly from her room that my voice is more like crying than singing.STOP CRYING..ehh STOP SINGING.

24 october 2008

2.33 AM
i take some dialogue from "cassanova"movie.WWWOOOOOWWW...there is HEATH LEDGER,the only person who brought me a bad dream as joker in batman begin,i know its to late but i am so sorry to hear that you were go to heaven or hell i dont know where,just peace and be happy ledger,you are free now.

lets carry on,babe
here is the sentence :
give me a man who is man enough
to give himself just to the woman who is worth him
and if that woman were me
i would love him alone and forever

2.12 PM
i wake up about an hour ago just because i need to your knowledge,i drink to much water today (1 bottle of 1,5ltr in 30 minutes with scale) i know water is good for my body but as my consequences i will be the toilet addict,i pee many times.
i remember at 10am someone calling me,mmu calling.
i gotta go i have to pee again.bye


3.09 AM
yesterday walk fast,i end up my day for fetching archi hayuwan perdana in LCCT.i have new friends today,they were 2 nice malaysian girls,syafiq introduce me to them (they actually syafiq classmate).
i visit tya for just 5 minutes and she give a thousand (maybe million) word contain "BETE"word,maybe my mother bear and let her live for complaining and squawking people around her,the one who always be her target of her moan-ism is ME.i lend her my camera so she dont get mad at me because i didnt bring any "satisfaction"thing for her, i think digital camera is satisfied her enough.
my boyfriend still good,and i miss my mother also my little nightmare brothers at malang (dont be such a bullshit,thinking that i call YOU,people)they are my big HOPE(someday) mas gendut & mas kurus,they are more than light and clown for me,they are my brothers(i just said that)HAHAHA.
lya will come back to spend her holiday in Indonesia this monday until the end of holi-DIE,and i?i barely think,maybe i will plan some scenario to explode and kill a dumb people who sat in goverment chair,every dump people will do a dump thing.hahahahaha.silly!
i promise to draw my dream house to pepito,my reference is in playstation game,thus.......i will playing playstation i mean
have a nice woozy doz-zy dream-zy,sleep tight.


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