i was wondering this holiday will be so damn boring with this lonely state( i shout " like loss in silent hill dude,i trapped here"-> sorry,too much dreaming hehe),should i just swigged up my chess and tell anyone it would be okey being alone like a blank stupid insane HERE.
oke here we go
lets plan a favourable and proper thing :
1.who is available?
double check
double check
2. where i have to escape? LOL it should be where i have to go ?
3.how much "blabla" buck i have in my pocket and can i get more mommy?it's holiday buuuk
4.change my scrap book caption as " i know what to do,my holimonki holidies # 1"(before i always know what i wish i will do,and now everything just just just disconcert me.-->like i can concentrate before.kahkahkahkahhahajhajahuauhauhauaha
5.relax like i always do and think with my deep down heart and said " I CAN DO THIS SHIT ALONE,,sssssshhhhh hah->like a devil evict move"hahahaaa

what you've read above is my little sprinkle unwell brain which can explode because
1.PERHAPS i'll be missing a "dunnowhattodo holiday"like today
2.PERHAPS i'll be missing a real study day with people and place like no more silent hill

semoga aku bisa memplanning liburan kali ini
"why in every best holiday i always plan something,i do it or not its no problema for me. BUT why in this ( im not say every because honestly this is my fu"""n first time)holiday i didnt plan anything and that is the problem"


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