holi-die #2

26 october 2008
4.16 PM

its been a week in holi-die,and im still

28.october 2008

5.02 am

when you think i did not write a blog yesterday,i do write it at blogspot,because i will never wanna lose every step i made in this holi-die.so,i got my period a couple hour agogo and the bad thing is,my stomache started to throw the stone inside.
can i tell the story after i wake up?i didnt sleep yet man...for sure i have eye bag.LOL

1.40 pm

i just play and honestly still playing pet society,it's unusual,ferrari didnt angry and shut down by himself,so im still playing and really enjoyed it.last night me and jawa picked up diah in Dataran Pahlawan and we decide to eat in d'nangka,after that i go home and take all my thing and imigrate to pepi's house and find my self have period.last afternoon i went to ayam gebrak lamongan to get lunch.oh ya,yesterday,at 8 am lya call me and told me that she cant go back to indonesia today because no BUS in melaka sentral and she forgot yesterday was deepavali.
pepi's mother arrived in makassar at 1pm yesterday,and pepi got his mobile phone back,his mother bring his old mobile phone and his mother would like to change and buy him a new one,he was so happy and always laugh while he talk-on-phone with me whether its funny or not. oh goossh i miss him so much,usually when he caught on happy thing,he'll make a strange move and goofy face.

29 october 2008

1.10 am

dont forget to ask pepi brought energen.

30 october 2008

4.38 AM

sorry dear, i didnt write yesterday. i was so busy,i wake up because jawa call me to eat (yummy)and also buy wall paint for jawa's room,he choose the good colour and you will agree that blue is breeze colour right?then i eat and help help jawa painting his room for just an hour,ooooohh yesterday was so hard for me,headache hit me,stomache hit me,everything was so hard when i get my period ,so i slept for an hour then i came to jawa's room and i see he finish paint the room for only 2hour and his room was so skylook.
ok then i went to nagoya to buy jawa's base carpet (plastic) then fetched up diah in DP and jreng jreng..the car is deadlock in DP parking area (fiuh),mmm i'm not really into machine-thing but they million time said the problem is

1.the radiator's fallow and need some water
2.not only a radiator things but also the power steering oil is empty that's why jawa said the steer was sooo heavy

win win solution :
1.let the machine cool'em their self
2.WE DECIDE TO MCD im lovin it sooooooo

briefly,we arrive in green and i go back home then playing NUT game (that is not a title,i call it nut because i was so stupid playing a child game like that) then fold my clothes then playing prick game then now i write this blog and becoming a blogger addict.SO,my boyfriend is nowhere and i believe he still in lullaby dream now.


1.my family build our studio,and my father would like to p.i.m.p our garage to be the best family band studio ever.
2.tya's mobile phone is broken and as usual she always give the consequence to me,the one who didnt use and and do something to that crap.
3.i will never ever (Insya Allah) feel scruple when pepi's didnt call me.hahahha (LIC)
4.mas ari is very doing well,when before i cant play 3D in form of anything,now i can,BUT,i have to switched ON the air conditioner,geessss he was so spoiled.
5.how cute dilligently using face mask?I DO.


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